5 loan programmes a strong hit who is your type?

Today, the "enjoy pay later" concept of consumption have become increasingly popular, more and more people into the army of loan. Stood in the colors of the consumer credit market, many beginners mind unconsciously messy, I do not know where to loans first step as a starting point. In order to solve the puzzle, after 360 well-built 5 diverse lending programme, hoped has the help to everybody.
1. credit card cash
card to withdraw the existing microfinance said, just like rain, washing away of microfinance's pressing problems. Take cash Kings were counted up to 50% of credit, cash amount up to 2000 Yuan a day ceiling.
since it is a small loan, he said there is no interest-free, interest charged from the date the official freight forwarder, five out of 10,000 of the daily amount for cash, at an annualized rate of 18.25%. In addition, each bank will charge fees ranging from $ 1%-3%.
compared to credit card cash loan without collateral, unsecured loan regardless of credit lines, or overall funding into account speed, full advantage. Credit line mainly dominated by personal monthly income 10 times from top to bottom, funding is generally about 3 working days to the account.
in terms of prices, interest rate liberalization demonstrate most vividly in the unsecured loan market. Main annual interest rates range between 7.8%-25%, lending rates and qualifications will have a subtle chemical reactions, better the condition of the borrower, the more close to the low interest rate, and vice versa. In particular, good credit and stable jobs is stationed in the unsecured loan market ticket, as lending rates will be measured according to the income, employment stability. Here, high-income occupations as well as civil servants, teachers, and institutions staff stable occupational groups such as employees, the world's top 500 enterprises "crediting" the most popular.
3. automotive
are different from unsecured loans, car mortgage requirements for qualifications is almost close to zero, and went on to become a big influx of people racing to the market incentives. In addition, it also brings together the advantage of fast loan rate and the loan amount, complete the procedures, vehicle valuation day maximum for mortgage 90% loan funds.
Qi force, despite three major advantages, but many of my friends are still reluctantly into the car of the mortgage market, under funding pressures from high lending rates. In General, the monthly management fee rate of 3.5%, so many of my friends choose mainly to short-term loans, at the same time relieve the pressing need and maximize the good saves the cost of capital.
    4. bring mortgage mortgage
, believe it is not fuzzy, is the most impressive features is its line of high, up to housing valuation of 70%.
in addition, the low interest rate has become a major banking market of Saskatchewan, annual interest rates generally between 6.6%-8%. However, apart from outside the House, need to have good qualifications as key, to open the doors of Bank lending. Without good credit or a steady job, I am afraid, can only turn to the private lending market, high cost of feeling low threshold, in the air.
5. portfolio loan
prevalence in the mortgage market "fund + business loan" a combination of loans, in the consumer credit market, has yet to offer brain hole open, devised a set of "combination loan" to cover a loan programme is not sufficient to fill a funding gap of defects. Specifically, the above 4 loan scenarios, members can combine their own, free to bundle appropriate 32 packages tailored for his extraordinary lending feast. For example, could be "car + non-mortgage loans mortgages", or are applying for several unsecured loans, unarmed disposable personal income loan funds dozens of times.