Strong Cardinality still image: Kong Jian 續 appreciation Club Med limited

Strong Cardinality dollars 終 Chi in the future in 2014, Shanshan! on May 8, the dollar index from 兩nianduo low 78.906 Zhang on the kick off start by 2014 be used to bundle US $ 35 individual trading week here on the 28 weeks to keep Zhang of Cardinality, which is now serial pins on a 12 week Zhang, Zhang piece of Prada to 12.61% over the year. Zhang also catch daily trading on the dollar 額 Prada 5 萬億 dollar foreign exchange market used to set a record, to low wave begins to the time period.
it is derived from the market I'm us predict contact 儲 貨 currency policy. World's leading Economy of the stadium were divided into prospect and beauty contact 儲 predict periods of interest rate hikes, make Investor start Ju bought in dollars, begins to push dollar coin d conditionally available 貨 reflection high. Gatwick marked, writing, Kimberley 緊 resumption policy underestimated the time fast and speed, when the United States Economy is now expected to hold up well after the operating speed of market complexity Suai let market 驚 訝.
conditionally available is well known, perceived exertion dynamy market index data is us the most contact 儲 adjust nut 貨 currency policy in order to note one of the activities. Financial crisis quite used to beam five years after the United States professional number 終 over the high point of the crisis before the airport. Latest index data 顯 shows, the United States added non-farm operating number serial pins 10th months over 20 Nations, and non-farm operating Director number Prada to any audio to maximum value of 1.4 億 people in the future. United States Unemployment rate also fell to 6-year low point of 5.8% first please Unemployment after the number is reduced to lowest level in nearly eight years. 顯, United States perceived exertion begins to market compound Suai 續 faster in the United States contact 儲 plasticity.