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Impacts furnished accommodation road: flowinfluence by the decline in global stock markets on Monday (January 5) gold price Zhang over 1%, back above the $ 1200 per ounce level. Nigerian city after the open on Tuesday, begins near the Jin 價 $ 1204/oz.
liters of hot chemicals demand avoidance is Zhang's main reasons for gold price Monday. Due to the market I'm Greek 臘 and Dan 憂 歐 area status, and I'm depressed crude oil Pricing and Dan 憂, brought find global stock markets have fallen sharply, take refuge from the chemicals in the future demands push begins to Zhang on the gold price.
h 臘 shock FA President of the left-wing United Union on January 25 in select 獲 sheng, adds Greek Cypriot 臘 Hui tear aid accord agreement and exit 歐 area of Risk, even 傳 airport German Greek 臘 've poised prepared answer, return exits 歐 area measures.
weekly furnished accommodation activities 導 pointed out that German Government why 認 if left-wing stress progress United Union Dang won the Greek 臘 choose, Greek 臘 exit 歐 area Almost inevitable, Germany Yes've made standard equipment. Not over, after German leaders 導 persons with activities provide 謠 airport, German Governments hope Greek Cypriot 臘 歐 area, and can't at the moment the Greek Cypriot 臘 exit 歐 area of Ying change project q.
歐 United States stocks fell 歐 Chau STOXX 50 index three years maximum refresh list-day decline, United States yan 續 decline on Friday, major stock indexes, the Dow 1.84% and poor's 500 index fell 1.82%, Varna refers to 1.56%.
Pricing of crude oil entering into on Monday fell to 5.5 years minimum.
團 gold're part of policy impacts set Normal University says: "歐 area things that happen, especially I'm Greek 臘 Cardinality Dan 憂, brought some empty head back to BU in the future as well as demand for chemicals, particularly with 歐 bought into. This may want ineffective dollars strong adverse flowinfluence of Jin. "
歐 gauge gold price sharply Zhang to September 2013 with the highest 1007.47 歐/oz level in the future.
why people entering into 認 activities: "here under the Environment of model courses, Club Med has a large number of chemicals demand avoidance. "Why he 認 Cardinality of Greek 臘 'll make Investor we promote Risk themselves why information products in threes, moved to a more secure information products.
stub at the same time, because more Lin-Chun Jie, China the right gold bought into the change better than sodium cocoate Jin. Shanghai gold exchange Jin 價 Prada up to $ 7 per ounce, than the 4 to 5 USD/oz ...
SPDR gold ETF holdings are still 709.02 噸 in Tel Aviv at the end of last year.
said on Wednesday the United States contact the FOMC 儲 Concilium century if market a focal point of activities, in addition sure then still United States non-farm number data.